Our vineyards

Our vineyards

Our 11 hectares of vineyards are surrounded by pine forests, oaks, holm oaks and shrubs suchas rosemary and heather bushes, predominant in the reliefs that surround the Relat river, which runs through our farm.

The estate’s soils are mostly clay with sand¬stone. This feature gives tension to our wines. We also have some loamy vineyards with more drained soils that prevent compaction and maintain a good permeability. This variability allow us to achieve a more complete and bal¬anced final blending.

Our greatest goal is to obtain the best pos¬sible raw material: a grape of supreme quality. That is why we put our efforts and care to main¬tain the best balance between natural resources and the productivity of the vine, along with the minimum external intervention (farming tasks or outer agents).

To give structure to the soil, we apply plant covers, which take root and provide very valu¬able organic matter.

Fertilization is implemented through ho¬meopathic preparations made from plants and flowers, mostly collected in our own farm, and through mixture crops containing mineral, veg¬etal and animal substances, which, exposed to natural forces, grant rich nutrients.