Avinius has been our reference wine since the origins of Les Acàcies. It perfectly matches the character of merlot, very well adapted into our area, with the elegance and freshness of syrah. The two together give us a balanced, integrated blend with great ageing potential.

We do hand grape harvesting and selection. The varieties ferment separately at controlled temperature. Once the fermentation finished, we make the coupage and transfer it in 225-230 litre French oak barrels, where the malolactic fermentation will take place. Ageing lasts for 12-14 months, depending on the vintage.

Ruby-like colour with violet tones are present. It has a good layer of colour, similar to classical Mediterranean red wines. The nose is dominated by ripe fruit such as figs or plums, but a certain freshness remains with a background of strawberry or fresh fruit. Some notes of spices and vanilla from the barrel also participate. Well-structured on the palate, it is sweet and persistent.

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