The smallest winery in the world

The smallest
winery in the world

A small winery in Pla de Bages

We are a Pla de Bages winery that does not boast of a long winemaking tradition. Nor do we brag about having centuries-old vines. Or even talk about an important wine production…nothing of that is relevant to us…

We craft wine for the pleasure of it. For the pleasure of making outstanding D.O. Pla de Bages wines that reflect the spirit of a winemaking region which has been crafting wine for a thousand years.

Bages, land of wine

The Pla de Bages designation of origin is not among the most famous, but it is one of the DO’s with the most personality of its own. With its particular microclimate and exceptional soil, it offers the optimal conditions to craft unique wines brimming with personality.
And in our bid to achieve this we don’t skimp on anything. Through a traditional and handcrafted process, we get our minor works of art not only to faithfully express the true nature of a great land of wine, but especially to taste like no others.

Pla de Bages wines

Our productions are not conditioned by the wine market, its prices, its vintages… Your opinion is the only thing that sways us. We go all out to craft good wines from Bages, and this is the sole reason we want our small batches to pleasantly surprise you.
We are proud to be what is likely the smallest winery in the world, and we shout it out to the four winds. You can be sure that a winery as tiny as ours guarantees limited, numbered batches. That’s a no-brainer!