The smallest winery in the world

The smallest
winery in the world

The estate

Les Acàcies is a farm located at an average alti­tude of 500 m within the municipal area of Avi­nyó, in the northern Bages plateau.

With a rainfall of 635 mm mainly concentrat­ed in spring, the Mediterranean climate domi­nates, with a continental tendency.

All our vineyards are located on the same es­tate around the winery surrounded by pine forests, oaks, holm oaks and shrubs suchas rosemary and heather bushes, predominant in the reliefs that surround the Relat river, which runs through our farm.

Micro-vinification with attention to detail

Being a small winery, we make our wines by micro-vinification in small quantities. This al­lows us to achieve the best expression of each variety and its terroir and take careo f many detalls that on a large scale is not posible to attend.

For the aging of Avinius and Instant de Flor, we use French oak barrels. Balsamic and spicy aromas appear, very respectful with the varieties of these wines.

For Desbordant and Opositor we use differ­ent types of cement tanks, ovoids, buckets or amphora. Tannins are softer and floral aromas arise.

The excellent mi­cro-oxygenation they provide is very adequate to enhance the mouthfeel, achieving more smoothness and complexity.