Single-varietal mandó wine. It represents our commitment to the autochthonous varieties illuminating the path undertaken from now on. It portrays the features of Bages’ new wines, which emphasize the vineyard, the terroir and the surrounding forests.

We do hand grape harvesting and selection with 20 kg crates. Grapes are destemmed afterwards, leaving a 15 % of whole grapes, which give the wine its traits and character. It ferments at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. Once fermentation is finished we transfer it into 225 and 300 litre French oak barrels, where the malolactic fermentation will take place. Ageing lasts for 12 months.

You can see a ruby colour with a good layer, but not too intense. This peculiarity tells us that that this wine differs from wines with a classic elaboration. Good expression of red fruit, blueberries and wild forest aromas. Notes of spices and mint complete the range. Structured and stylish on the palate.

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