Our wines

Wines with a limited, numbered production

We pour all five senses into making quality wine. Just a few hand-crafted units, the outcome of our dedication and the optimal conditions afforded by the Bages region:

The chalky clay loam soil in our vineyards accentuates the mineral flavour and brings structure and intensity to our wines.

Due to the wide range of temperatures between night and day, a good level of ripeness is reached together with a moderate level of alcohol content. This results in highly expressive wines, also due to the low productivity yield of the vine.

The top-quality grapes are harvested and hand-picked. The wine is fermented slowly at low temperatures in order to preserve all the fruit flavours.

All our wines undergo the malolactic fermentation in new French oak barrels when they are intended to be aged. Then the wine is left to rest in the bottle for as long as necessary to obtain a well balanced, rounded and ready to drink wine.