Les Acàcies Blog

YEAR 2021


Welcome to the Blog of “Les Acàcies”, “The smallest winery in the world”.


Week July 20:

Extreme heat week! We manually remove the leaves closest to the fruit, so they can “breathe”and also not suffer so

much from the heat.



The fact of walking right now through the vineyards and observing the long-awaited fruits and see them growing at an

optimal speed, it is truly a luxury and a pleasure.



Week of 12 July:

The extreme drought continues, we have to organize sporadic waterings to help our vineyards continue to grow.

On the other hand, thanks to this, the fruits sprout more than ever, if it all goes well, this year we will produce a very

fantastic harvest.



Week 5 July:

Great drought week.

The mildew we apreciated at the end of June, thanks to our constant supervision and the homeopathic treatments

we have been carrying out, has not infected Chardonnay or “Gras” nor to Merlot or Al Syrah.


June 20:

It rains 15 liters. It was very necessary after such dry days.

We see some spots of mildew especially in the lower part of the Chardonnay and also some of Al Syrah and some

of Merlot. We go on to climb the threads of “Gras” vineyard to collect the vegetation so that the shoots are not left

in the middle of the work area.

This way, the treatments we carry out will be even more effective.



14 June week:

The real heat begins and it seems that a severe drought will come. The affectations by powdery

mildew seem to be drying up and not increasing.

We made sulfur in all the vineyards last week.

We are tying the strains of the second year that already reach the common thread and today the workers already

finish a large part of the task!



30 May:

It rained 25 liters after a month of drought.


28 May:

We see some powdery mildew in the new vineyards. We made a powdered sulfur.


24 May:

Prunning in green in the “Gras” vine and Mario´s vine.


19 May:

We start prunning in green with the cabernet from Mario´s vineyard. It has not suffered frost and the

two shoots of the winter blots can be left. It is at the ideal tine with tender shoots that are easily removed.

We also made half of Vilapudua´s Chardonnay but it´s still a little too small and we prefer to wait.


11-18 May:

We nail and tie rees to all the new vines.



9 May :

We eagerly started pruning green with the Cabernet from Mario’s vineyard.

We are very happy that he did not suffer the frost and that the two shoots of the winter blots can be left.

We are at the ideal time with tender shoots that can be easily removed.



4 May:

The Vicar arrives. First week of strong heat during the day. The new vines sprout with desire.


1-2 May:

It dropped 30 liters more and we ended the week with 60 liters. The new plants carried more than 85

liters since they were planted.



26 April:

We had just plowed the new vineyards, wich had not been planted yet, and it rained another 17 liters.

It´s been raining all week. We couldn´t enter with the tractor to the vineyard for a whole day.

The vicar had to come but it wasn´t possible.


18 April: Heavy Frost.

Lower to -3ºC during 8 hours at night.

The chardonnay was very sprouted, and the rest was also beginning.

It affected all in general, it may have affected some blots of the new plantations.



7-8-9 April:

We plant 5ha of wines ( 1 of “Macabeu”, 1,7 of “Picapoll Blanc”, 1 of “Picapoll Negre”, 1 of “Merlot”

and 0,3 of “Sumoll”).

That weekend also rained 25liters/m2. That´s perfect for our plants, they will grow faster.